A Killer Hunting Down Creatures at the ‘Carnival’

I didn’t post on this as it’s called a ‘fantasy’ film, but everyone else is jumping off a bridge, so I guess I should too. New Line Cinema has preemptively picked up Killing on Carnival Row, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The fantasy spec script by first-time writer Travis Beacham, set in a dark city filled with mystical creatures, is being produced by Arnold and Anne Kopelson via their Kopelson Entertainment banner. The script did not formally go out to studios because it was leaked to execs this week in anticipation of getting a director attached. When a number of studios showed interest, WMA, Beacham’s agency, said it would enter exclusive negotiations with the first company to make a serious offer, figuring it would demonstrate which firm had the most passion for the project. Kopelson is responsible for Se7en years ago.

Source: Hollywood Reporter