Exclusive Creepy Pics from ‘Sin-Jin Smyth’!

Today we’ve been supplied with three amazing pics from Ethan Dettenmaier’s indie horror pic Sin-Jin Smyth, which stars Richard Tyson, Jason Hildebrandt, Lee Ving, Jacqueline Moore, Jonathan Davis, Reggie Bannister, Robert Griffith, Billy Duffy, Christopher Doyle, Roddy Piper and Jenna Jameson! Every Halloween at Midnight, The Devil simultaneously appears in two places… the high plains of India and… a quiet cemetery in Kansas. The film is about two federal marshals, who man an isolated Federal Outpost in the American Midwest, who receive an emergency message one night to blitz across the border into the Kansas Badlands for the midnight prisoner transfer of man with no identity. Read on for the pics…

Click any image to see them larger in our image database:

In addition to these pics, The Horror Channel was given two pics from the film, one of Roddy Piper! You can see those by clicking the pic below: