Rob Zombie Chats Music, More Rejects and More Horror!!

Last week B-D reporter Elaine Lamkin chatted with rockstar-turned-filmmaker Rob Zombie to talk about his future projects, now that his second feature film The Devil’s Rejects (review #1, #2, DVD) is available on DVD (order it here) from Lions Gate Home Entertainment. Inside you can read all about his new CD, when you’ll see it, and get details on his upcoming White Zombie CD box set, his next horror film and more!
A Few Minutes with Director Rob Zombie
By: Elaine Lamkin

Bloody-Disgusting recently had the opportunity to speak briefly with the incredibly busy Rob Zombie about his upcoming projects and plans for the future. Things do indeed look bright for Zombie fans…

BD: So how is the new CD coming, Rob?

RZ: I’m working on it now and it’s due to hit the stores March 7, 2006. I haven’t fixed on a title yet but it’s definitely going to be bizarre, all over the place musically. And with John 5 (Marilyn Manson) on it… Also, on November 22, I’m re-releasing “Hellbilly Deluxe” as a video album. There are going to be 13 videos on the DVD and 9 will be brand new so the Zombie camp is excited about that.

BD: What other genres are you interested in exploring?

RZ: I am really interested in intense violent crime films so that’s one option. I don’t have any plans yet for more tales of the Firefly clan but you never know.

I’m also working on an animated version of “El Superbeasto” which should be done by August of 2006. Sherri is doing one of the voices.

BD: Do you have any ideas for a new horror film?

RZ: I’ve got a great idea – very different from “The Devil’s Rejects” – but I don’t want to talk about it yet as people seem to appear out of nowhere once you’ve shown your hand and then they claim it was THEIR idea originally and all that legal bull**** starts.

BD: Any future projects Zombie fans can look forward to?

RZ: Well, I’m hoping to release a complete boxed set of White Zombie next year and David Hartman and I are coming up with some new comic projects so hopefully there will be enough old and new stuff to keep everyone happy for a while. This last year has been crazy!

Interview by Elaine Lamkin
November 2005