Reviews: Zombie Night and The Drunken Dead Guy

Are you guys feeling the post-Halloween woes too? Man it sucks how much crazy content we had, and then all of a sudden it’s the holidays! Yay (gag me)… well we’ve got a few set of goodies hidden up our sleeves, but until then here’s a few reviews to hold you over. First we added a review for John Greff’s indie horror comedy entitled The Drunken Dead Guy, which is about- you guessed it- a drunk dead guy. Second we’ve added a review for Maverick’s indie release Zombie Night, which is now available on DVD. Zombie Night is a post apocalyptic horror tale in which the survivors of World War III discover they’re not the only ones left —the war’s chemical aftermath has caused people to mutate into flesh-hungry ghouls, and the survivors try to find sanctuary in a world now overrun by the living dead.

Source: B-D review