Chainsaw Prequel: First Pic, Exclusive Details and The Birds!

Last week I had the pleasure to check out the set for Platinum Dunes and New Line Cinema’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Origin, which is seriously shaping up to be one hell of a prequel. While on the set a few other journalists and I had the opportunity to chat with every single star of the movie, along with director Jonathan Liebesman and producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form. Inside you’ll find some key scoops revealed on the visit, along with some exclusive juicy details you won’t see anywhere else! Origin hits theaters October 6th. 2006…

Exclusive: First and foremost you’ll all be happy to know that the homages didn’t end in the remake, because you’ll be seeing the classic “dinner table” sequence from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 in this prequel. Here’s what producer Brad Fuller tells B-D:

I don’t really want to talk about the dinner table scene too much, but suffice to say we all thought it should have been in our 2003 movie and since we couldn’t fit it in there, this story presented the best scenario to use it. For me it was one of the best scenes in the original.

The goodies just keep on coming as Fuller also reveals to B-D some details on Leaherface’s mask:

Leatherface is three years younger here, so the mask will illustrate that he is not as experienced in mask making as he was in the 2003 movie.

New masks for Leaherface and more homages? Trust me, it only gets better. Below you’ll find some more details that were revealed to everyone at the visit in Austin, Texas.

-Pretty much everyone we talked to said there are numerous homages, along with questions answers about how “they” came to be.

-KNB is doing the FX work on the film.

-Taylor Handley, who plays Dean in the movie, tells us early in the day that we finally get to see the upstairs to the house. Later in the day we get to see it (read about that in the set report).

-Terrance Evens, whom plays Old Monty in the prequel, tells us that we get to see how he loses his legs! One again you can read about that in the set report.

Producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form explains a whole bunch more goodies while on set:

-We may see a younger Leaherface.

-When asked about who was the main character is now that R. Lee Ermey (Sheriff Hoyt) is a major character, they explain that the “house and all who inhabit it” are the main characters. They also reveal that we’ll see how Hoyt becomes sheriff and how no one in the family is behind the killing at first.

-In this prequel we’ll also see the first family murder and first chainsaw kill scene.

-Form and Fuller also joke that if they ever made another TCM, “We would make a sequel to a prequel to a remake.”

-Speaking of remakes, we finally got an update on The Birds. They explain that the script is now being worked on and it’s NOT based on the Alfred Hitch**** movie, but on the short story. The movie will also be modern day.

-Their other project at New Line entitled Molley’s World is still being worked on as the ending is something their dealing with.

This is only a taste of what was discovered on the set. Watch for a whopping eleven interviews, along with a set report filled with juicy morsels of info to keep you going until next October.

Read all about my experience on the set along with a whopping 11 interviews by clicking here. Scroll to the bottom for the interview links.

Origin hits theaters October 6th. 2006…