New 'Marebito' Photo and the Unrated Poster!!

Tartan Films sent over a new pic from their upcoming theatrical release of Marebito (review), which hits limited theaters December 9th. In addition they sent over two posters, which I thought was odd. After staring at the posters side by side for a few minutes I realized the MPAA forced them to make alterations to the original poster (it’s to idiotic), read on for the pics and your first look at the unrated poster- God I hate the MPAA. A fear-obsessed freelance cameraman (Shinya Tsukamoto) investigates an urban legend involving mysterious spirits that haunt the subways of Tokyo. Takashi Shimizu shot the film in just eight days, between the production dates for ‘Ju-on: The Grudge’ and its remake, ‘The Grudge’….

Click any image for the full gallery:

marebito112305 New Marebito Photo and the Unrated Poster!!

Original RATED poster, notice the ankle is not chained…
marebitorated112305 New Marebito Photo and the Unrated Poster!!

New UNRATED poster, where the ankle is chained…
marebitounrated112305 New Marebito Photo and the Unrated Poster!!

This change in the poster has got to be as stupid as the MPAA forcing Rogue to remove a single sperm from the ‘Seed of Chucky’ poster.

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