Lucky McKee to Tackle ‘Fiend Without a Face’ Remake?

Some of you may remember the 1958 film Fiend Without a Face (joking), which followed a scientist, whom experimenting with telekinetic powers enhanced by a nearby nuclear power plant, succeeds in creating a new form of life. This new creature grows in intelligence until it finally escapes his laboratory. Once outside the lab, and closer to its nuclear power source it multiplies. The creature is also invisible, so no one knows what it looks like. Today it was reported that Lucky McKee, director of May and Sony Screen Gems’ upcoming The Woods, will be directing the pic from a spec script by Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson. Read on for the skinny…
Fangoria reports:

“When Fango spoke with screenwriters Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson (the scribes behind Tobe Hooper’s TOOLBOX MURDERS and MORTUARY) about their work on the upcoming Dario Argento film MATER LACHRYMARUM (see item here), the duo confirmed that they’re set to script a remake of 1958’s FIEND WITHOUT A FACE (as we first reported here). Investigating further, Fango spoke with producer Dennis Bartok (currently in Canada prepping his horror anthology TRAPPED ASHES), who reveals, “Regarding the FIEND WITHOUT A FACE remake, I’m producing this with Steven Schneider and my producing partners on TRAPPED ASHES, Yuko Yoshikawa and Yoshifumi Hosoya. Lucky [MAY] McKee is attached to direct, and Richard Gordon [producer of the original FIEND] will executive-produce. We’re currently lining up financing for this project; hopefully it will be our next after wrapping TRAPPED ASHES.”

The original film, directed by Arthur Crabtree and penned by Herbert J. Leder from a story by Amelia Reynolds Long, stars Marshall Thompson as an Air Force major who discovers that a series of unexplained deaths are the result of rather irresponsible mind-control experiments. The result? Homicidal, gelatinous human brains propelled caterpillar-like via their spinal cords, which besiege the military base in an attempt to dispatch the cast.”

Source: Fangoria