Romero Optimistic About Another ‘Dead’

When you see someone from Europe or Japan, make sure you tell them “thank you”… Why you ask? Because they played a heavy role in why you may get to see George A. Romero’s fifth ‘Dead’ film, which is more or a less going to be a sequel to Land of the Dead (rumored to be titled World of the Dead). “Now that Land of the Dead did so well in European markets and Japan, and the DVD is flying off shelves, there’s talk of a sequel,” Romero tells Empire Online. He continues, “It won’t be in April but it might now be August or something. I hope to God we don’t have to do the winter again, but there’s a real buzz happening now about a sequel.” There you have it, more zombies done right! I just hope the hero zombie from Land isn’t in this one. ‘Land Part Deux’ puts Romero’s two planned Stephen King adaptations, From A Buick 8 and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, on the back burner for a while yet. Click here to talk about it.

Source: Empire Online