Sundance 2006 is a Step Up for Horror!

Last year’s Sundance Film Festival didn’t do much justice for us horror fans, as the only major acquisition was Greg McLean’s Wolf Creek, which hits theaters December 25th. This year is looking up as there are four sweet looking horror films in the fest- and you can read all about them inside…
Today the official website for Sundance 2006 posted the full schedule of films:

The Sundance Film Festival has announced the full lineup of Midnight features showing at its 2006 event, running January 19-29 in Park City, UT.

Among them are:

THE DESCENT (review), Neil Marshall’s terrific new subterranean monster movie being released next summer by Lions Gate, as well as the world premieres of three new independent genre titles listed below.

MOONSHINE, produced and directed by 20-year-old Roger E. Ingraham from a script he wrote with Lori Isbell. Filmed in Connecticut, it’s about a typical small town terrorized by a bloodthirsty vampire. Brian Greer, Sarah Ingraham, Gareth Duvall and Ginny Fitzpatrick star; you can see the movie’s official website, including a trailer, photos, production information and more, here.

SALVAGE, written and directed by Josh and Jeff Crook and shot in Ohio. Lauren Currie Lewis stars as a young woman named Claire who is murdered by a serial killer and must repeatedly relive her own death until she uncovers the culprit.

SUBJECT TWO, written and directed by Philip Chidel, lensed in Aspen and also about a lead character repeatedly experiencing death. Here, medical student Adam (Christian Oliver, pictured) volunteers to be repeatedly killed as part of the resurrection experiments of one Dr. Franklin Vick (Dean Stapleton) at a snowbound cabin. This movie’s official website, with the trailer, pics, etc., can be found here.

Source: Sundance