Exclusive Pics from ‘Silent Hill’- Make Your Own Poster!!

Welcome to Silent Hill. To make you feel right at home, you can design your own Silent Hill movie poster using an assortment of exclusive photos from the film, which we’ll provide inside- along with a link to even more pics. If your creative juices have any flow, the winning entry will be printed and distributed to movie theaters!! So read on to see our exclusive nine new images, and go to go to WelcomeToSilentHill.com starting 12/5 to enter the contest…
“Silent Hill”, which htis theaters April 21st, is based on the hugely successful Konami game in which Rose (Mitchell) desperately searches for her lost daughter in the mysterious, terrifying town of Silent Hill, where they are trapped.

To enter the poster contest, just go to WelcomeToSilentHill.com starting 12/5. Click any image below to check out the full nine (9) new images in high res quality, so you can get started on your posters. The gallery is loaded with over 30 stills from the film:

Source: B-D, Sony, WelcomeToSilentHill.com