Tartan Films Pulls the Axe on ‘R-Point’s’ Theatrical

Tartan Films has decided that the Korean chiller R-Point (review), previously scheduled for U.S. theatrical play next January, will be going the direct-to-DVD route instead, according to Fangoria. “After factoring in the age and availability of the title, it made more sense to focus our efforts and resources on a strong DVD campaign,” a Tartan spokesman tells us. Written and directed by Kong Su-chang, ‘R-Point’ is about a platoon of Korean soldiers during the Vietnam War who are sent on a mission to find another squad that has mysteriously vanished. When they arrive at the titular site of the disappearance, they discover it to be haunted. Tartan will release the DVD February 28; specs and extras have yet to be announced. The film is also set to be remade here in the States.

Source: Fangoria