Gellar Survives ‘The Grudge’

I guess the ghost didn’t feel like killing Sarah Michelle Gellar at the end of Sony Screen Gems’ The Grudge because she’ll be returning in The Grudge 2, which begins filming in Japan this January, according to Dread Central. “SMG is back. Without giving anything away, we’ve all been pretty focused on making a sequel that has a strong raison d’etre – a second chapter to an evolving story, instead of a sequel that’s made just because the first one performed well,” writer Stephen Susco tells DC. “I think we’re making good strides towards that goal. Personally, I just want to make sure that it’s the kind of film that satisfies fans of the first one…and hopefully pulls in some new fans as well.Grudge 2hits theaters October 20th, 2006.

Source: Dread Central