Gaiman Bringing the Jungle to a ‘Graveyard’

B-D contributor Hunter Daniels writes in with some incredible news regarding the brilliant Neil Gaiman, which I MAY have even more news about in the coming week, “Neil Gaiman (MirrorMask) was on NPR station 89.3 tonight discussing what makes fantasy so popular and he mentioned an upcoming project he’s working on entitled ‘The Graveyard Book‘, which he describes as an update of ‘The Jungle
Book’, only set entirely in a graveyard. The story will be about a young boy who is raised by corpses after his parents tragically die
.” How rad of a story will that be? Calling Tim Burton, Tim Burton- here’s a movie for you. Update: We’ve got more details inside…
From Gaiman’s journal:

The strange thing is that I suspect that THE GRAVEYARD BOOK (a kids book) will have much more sex, more death, and be deeply scarier on most levels than ANANSI BOYS (an adult book).

THE GRAVEYARD BOOK will be something else — something really creepy and cool, I hope. The first few pages of THE GRAVEYARD BOOK (more or less all that exists) follows a serial killer called Jack around the
empty house in which he’s just killed everyone in the family but the
baby. He’s looking for the baby.


(I had the idea for the book in about 1985, when we lived just over
the road from a graveyard, with blocked-off-tunnels beneath the house leading to the graveyard, and the graveyard was also where my two-year-old son used to go to play. And I thought at the time I’d put off writing the book until I was good enough to do it justice. Which, in retrospect, was probably partly silly — you don’t get a better book at different times, just a different book — but probably in other ways sensible, because the idea of writing The Graveyard Book used to scare me, and now the idea of writing it just makes me
inordinately happy.)

Source: Hunter Daniels, B-D, Gaimans Journal