Nazis and Zombies Invade ‘Wolfenstein’

After the success of Universal Pictures’ Doom, it comes as no surprise that id Software wants to fast track a film based on the popular video game Wolfenstein. According to the post inside, we’ll be seeing a film based on the most recent Wolfenstein game entitled Return to Castle Wolfenstein. If you’ve played Castle, you’d know that there’s a chance we’ll be seeing some zombie Nazi’s getting their heads blown off… nice! Read on for the full skinny…
Todd Hollenshead, the CEO of id Software, tells Twitch Guru:

“Our next order of business is to try to get Wolfenstein made into a movie; I think it could make a very interesting film. The game design for Return to Castle Wolfenstein is basically set up as a film script. Where we’d go from a movie standpoint would be to incorporate a lot of the elements from Return to Castle Wolfenstein along with what we’re going to be doing in the next Wolfenstein game that we announced a few weeks ago. It will probably have a little more similarity in terms of the direction of the movie script to the upcoming game.

That was a challenge for the Doom movie, because the license was based on what people already knew and had seen. Some of the things we’re looking for is actively soliciting a Hollywood trained writer to help us out with the story and the dialog on the game. It would be cool if that person could potentially be used as a writer or a consultant to whoever writes the movie, if that were to come to pass”.

Source: Twitch Guru