Van Helsing Heads back to ‘Transylvania’

When Van Helsing hits theaters next May, his journey won’t be over. A deal between NBC and Universal has Van Helsing returning to Transylvania in a spin-off TV series, read on for all of the details…
Comingsoon writes, “Universal has already pacted with NBC for Transylvania, a drama series inspired by writer/director Stephen Sommer’s monster film Van Helsing, due out next May and starring Hugh Jackman. The network has given Universal Network Television a pilot commitment for a drama that, while not a spinoff or sequel, will be set in the same universe as the feature film.”

“Sommers will write the pilot script and executive produce the series with partner and longtime editor Bob Ducsay. And, in another connection to the movie, the potential series will likely be shot on the same 19th-century village set that Universal built in Prague and used for Van Helsing.”

“Universal has high hopes for the film giving Sommers the right to populate it with all of its most famous monsters, allowing Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing to battle Dr. Jekyll, the Werewolf and Dracula.”

“Though the series will be set in the same 19th century vein as the film, Van Helsing will not be a character in Transylvania. Instead, the series will be a character-driven soap opera and the central figure will be a young cowboy from Texas who’s pressed into duty and becomes the sheriff in a town where oddities abound.”

Source: Variety