Patrick Bateman Returns to the Big Screen

Everyones favorite killer Patrick Bateman is set to make his return to the big screen… sort of. Palm-Star Entertainment has optioned Bret Easton Ellis’ (American Psycho) latest novel, Lunar Park, which follows the author-narrarator as an narcissistic, self-pitying drug fiend who gets a shot at redemption when movie star Jayne Dennis, an old flame, offers to marry him. The deal is that he must now connect with Robby, the son he has shunned for 11 years, according to Variety. Apparently among the unsettling events plaguing his life is the appearance of what appears to be a real-life incarnation of his fictional Bateman character, according to Fangoria. ” ‘Lunar Park is the most personal book I’ve written, even if on the surface it reads like a thriller,” Easton Ellis said. “It took a long time to complete, and Palm-Star has known about the book from the beginning. They witnessed the usual complaints, anxieties and excitement that occur when you’re completing a novel. Now it’s their turn to move through that process.”

Source: Variety