First Set Image from ‘CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK’

The movie has been filming forever now, and we are finally seeing some images now! Inside is the first picture seen online from David Twohys CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, which hits theaters next June.
Cinescape posted the first image online from Vin Diesel’s CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK

Cinescape writes, “Our pal Joe says that what we’re looking at is the inside of the Necromongers starship. Led by the Lord Marshal (Feore), the Necromongers warrior race have arrived at a planet called Helion and are in the midst of subjugating the population. On Helion is the ex-con RIDDICK (Diesel), hiding out from the bounty placed on his head. Little is known for sure of the Necromongers; there are reports that the Lord Marshal might be using the reanimated dead as warriors in his army.”

“The photo in question shows part of an old church that the Lord Marshal had relocated inside his command ship. We’re told by Joe that some terrifying acts are committed in gruesome ceremonies inside this dark church including beheadings and self-mutilations.”

“The first film in a proposed three-part series, THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK is scheduled for release on June 11, 2004.”

Source: Cinescape