‘Wrong Turn 2’ Burned, ‘Me and My Monster’ Update

Moviehole chatted to the nicest effects man in the business, Stan Winston, this week, who offered an update on the once-planned sequel to the scarefest Wrong Turn. Winston told us a couple of years back that he would like to bring the foxy-chick eating freaks back for another bout. Things have changed it seems. At the moment, there is no sequel, says Winston. “Wrong Turn 2 isn’t on the burner right now”, says Winston, but something just as freaky is in the works. “We’ve just finished shooting a movie we produced in Toronto called Skinwalkers, which is a wonderful werewolf movie. We have a great script and we have created some of the coolest werewolves you’ll ever see. They’re not digital werewolves – we’ve given it back to the actors. It will be released next Halloween”. The long awaited Me and My Monster is also still in the works, says Winston. “We’re still working on the script. Nothing is solid, but it’s still very alive.”

Source: Moviehole