Teaser Poster, First Pics from ‘Hush’

Today we were pointed in the direction of a teaser poster and tons of pics from the set of Brett Sullivan’s (Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed) upcoming horror pic Hush, which stars Alanna Chisholm, Lauren Roy, Adam Seybold, Nick Abraham, Paul Soren and Nickolas Tortolano. Read on for a look. Danielle, a young and beautiful psychology grad student, is not only haunted by a troubled past, but by an evil presence in the here and now. To prove to her sister, Anna, that she is sane, Danielle sets out to document the haunting in her Victorian home, but instead she becomes possessed by the sinister soul of a child killer. As a battle rages within Danielle, Anna struggles to save her sister before she commits the unthinkable—the torturous and suffocating murder of innocence. Can Anna rescue her sister alone, or will she need help from the most unlikely of places…the past? Only time will tell, and it isn’t on her side…

Click the poster or pic for the full gallery:

Source: Official Website