Review: ‘Santa’s Slay’ Kills Your Time

Today we added a review for Lions Gate Home Entertainemnt’s release of Santa’s Slay, which stars ex-wrestler Bill Goldberg as Santa Clause. In Santa’s Slay, which hits retailers on December 20th, Santa Claus (Goldberg) turns out to actually be the son of Satan, and not the harmless old fellow we know and love. Santa’s bad side has only been kept in check because of an ancient pact with an angel. Now, on Christmas Eve, the truce expires, and Santa is suddenly free to wreak mayhem. Teenager Nicholas Yuleson (Smith) discovers the terrifying truth about Santa from his grandfather (Culp), and it’s up to him to stop Santa’s deadly rampage in their small town of Hell. With the help of his spunky girlfriend Mac (de Ravin), Nicholas must take on Santa and his Viking Hell Deer, in order to try to restore peace on Earth for another thousand years.

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