‘Seed of Chucky’ Sees the Green Light!

According to a scooper over at Aint it Cool News, “I wanted to give you a tidbit of info for your site, if you’re interested. I got a very nice phone call from Don Mancini, who said he loved Cabin Fever and said our strong opening helped him get the new Chucky film off the ground. He said between Ronny Yu, Victor Salva, and now Cabin Fever, the financiers have kicked into high gear and he’s now in prep. I think it’s called Seed of Chucky.” So even people who saw Cabin Fever and ****ing hated it should know that their dollars ultimately went to a good cause.” Now the question remains, who exactly will be making the film? New Line Cinema or Universal? The scooper didn’t say anything about the rights changing hands, but the rumors are still out there. Hopefully this golden news won’t turn out to be another dud!

Source: Aint it Cool News