Masters of Horror coming to a DVD near you!

Showtime’s Masters of Horror (all reviews) anthology is a sweeping success and the second season is already in the works- now here is some pretty sweet news if I do say so myself, it looks like the first episodes of ‘Masters of Horror’ are coming to DVD, more details after the jump. Read on and enjoy…
Davis DVD is reporting that the first two episodes to come home are John Carpenter’s ‘Cigarette Burns’ and Stuart Gordon’s ‘Dreams in the Witch House’ now here is the really wicked news they are available individually for $16.95 each or you can get them in a two pack for $29.95. Why would you not want to go for the two pack is beyond me, the street date has been set for March 28th, plenty of time to save up your pennies and endulge in some sweet sweet horror.

Source: Davis DVD