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Is BOOM! Studios Planning A Cthulhu Comic Book?



Not so sure what this is about, but with C2E2 on the horizon (In like 5 minutes) a teaser image has hit the net implying that publisher BOOM Studios are planning something centered around H.P Lovecraft’s iconic, Cthulhu monster. Beyond the break you can take a look at the flier and judge for yourself just what is up with this “IA! IA! CTHULHU FAHTAGN” stuff. Read on for the non-skinny…skinny?

This Is The Flier That Mysteriously Surfaced Today…

The phrase roughly translates to “CTHULHU WAITS” or “CTHULHU WAITS DREAMING”. Other than that we don’t know what the heck is going on. Lately there has been a huge fascination within the comic book world with Lovecraft’s monster, but as of yet no one has taken the initiative to go and make a full blown apocalypse tale using the beast. Maybe that someone will be BOOM! Studios? Only time will tell. (Or maybe C2E2) What say you?

Credit to Bleeding Cool News for the scoop.


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