Clive Barker’s ‘Pigs Blood Blues’ Finds a Director!

Today our good buddy SpookyDan sent in an exclusive scoop that Clive Barker’s Pigs Blood Blues has found its director. Anthony Di Blasi has ben tapped to direct the pic for Seraphim Films sometime in late spring or early summer 2006, according to Dan. You can read all of the details inside, plus get a round up of everythign else Barker…
Clive Barker’s ‘Pigs Blood Blues’ has a director!! And more Clive updates:

EXCLUSIVE: Clive Barker’s filmed adaptation of the short “Pig Blood Blues” will be directed by Anthony Di Blasi for Seraphim Films sometime in late spring or early summer 2006. He has been involved with Clive’s Seraphim Films for quite a while which should translate well into a careful layer of intensity and intrigue as he adapts and directs this film. And I should also mention that he is a kick ass dude, who is great to hang out with! This is one of many of the stories that Barker wrote for the Books of blood that will be made into a collection of films. Pig is a supernatural story set in a juvenile detention facility.

Below you’ll find more details on Clive Barker’s upcoming projects:

“This is a long process. We’re talking about five, six, seven years of making these movies. There are thirty stories in the [Books of Blood] and I think fifteen or sixteen of them are adaptable, and if we had a little more money that number would go up to twenty-three or twenty-four.”

By Dave Alexander, Rue Morgue, No 47, July 2005

The entire series will eventually be made, starting first with Midnight Meat Train, directed by Patrick Tatopoulos. All shot with self financed mid-range budgets this collection will be something we can all look forward to owning. Seraphim Films are currently in production on the film “Plague”. While not a Barker story, it will be presented under the “Clive Barker Presents” heading, and we should be expecting some very gruesome nastiness!.

Anthony Di Blasi : “All the children of the world under 8 years old fall into a coma, The Plague is essentially the story of the extinction of mankind. After ten years, the children wake up and want to kill the world. The ten years they were asleep served as an incubation period, where the children develop their powers. When they awake, the bloodshed begins. Basically, in this story, God cleans house.
”The movie has very dramatic undertones; in our story, James has to face his inner demons, as well as those on the outside.”

By Tony Timpone,, 10 August 2005: (note – full text online at
This news comes right after the announcement that Clive himself will be writing the Masters of Horror episode “Haeckel’s Tale” for Showtime, and also the much rumored Tortured Souls film that he is making in connection with his McFarland figures.

By SpookyDan