See ‘Wolf Creek’ for Free in the Los Angeles Area!!

Today we’ve been supplied with six (6) pairs of passes to see Dimension Films’ Wolf Creek (review #1, #2) in the Los Angeles area, along with five (5) posters. So if you live in the Los Angeles area put “LA Wolf Creek” in the subject line and E-mail your full name and mailing address. If you’re outside of the Los Angeles area and want to win a poster E-mail me the same info but put “Wolf Creek Poster” in the subject line. The film centers on a group of backpackers who have a run in with a loopy stranger, played by John Jarratt. It was supposed to be the vacation of a lifetime in the Australian Outback – full of fun, sun and adventure. But what happened to a trio of twenty-something backpackers took a wrenching detour into the depths of unrelenting terror. Greg McLean’s movie hits theaters December 25th. Watch for exclusive interviews starting this week!

Source: BD Contests