Asian Horror Film ‘P’ Gets Limited Theatrical in 2006

Media Blasters has revealed that the Thai horror film P (review) has joined its lengthy lineup of Asian genre films slated for 2006 release, according to Fangoria. Written and directed by Britisher Paul Spurrier, the movie stars Suangporn Jaturaphut as a rural girl who travels to Bangkok to make money as an exotic dancer in a bar catering to Westerners. While there, she dabbles in black magic first taught to her by her grandmother and uses it to strike back at those who wrong her, but things get out of hand. (The title refers to the Thai word “phi,” meaning ghost) P has played at numerous festivals, including Montreal’s Fantasia; Media Blasters plans theatrical play ahead of the DVD release. Click here to go to the movie’s official website.

Source: Fangoria