Roth Finally Talks ‘Cabin Fever 2’, ‘Hostel’ Sequel

We’ve been prying at Eli Roth, director of Lionsgate’s upcoming Hostel, for months now trying to get the goods on the long delayed sequel to his debut film Cabin Fever. Today he finally talks shop and you can find out what he has to say inside, along with details on a sequel to Hostel. Lionsgate’s Cabin Fever hit theaters in September of 2003, while Hostel hits theaters everywhere on January 6th, 2006…
Eli Roth tells

I pitched them an idea for Cabin Fever 2. I turned in a 10-page treatment and they didn’t want to do it. That’s when I dropped out of the project. I said, “You know what? You guys do your own thing. Best of luck.” And I mean that sincerely. If they feel they can do it better, then I’m curious. I’ll be excited to see it…

Instead Roth is working on a sequel to Hostel already:

Hostel 2 I’m thinking about. I think it depends how the movie does, but Saw II really turned me around on that. I purposely wrote Hostel 1 in a way that there wouldn’t be a sequel, but now I’ve got a lot of ideas and things. Quentin and I were talking about some stuff and we have something really cool that I think could be a really good sequel for this actually. So I had such a fun time shooting this movie that I thought, “You know what? Hell, I’d love to go back to the Czech republic and shoot in Europe with all new characters and locations.” I had a blast making this film. I’d love to do another one.

Written & Directed by Eli Roth, Presented by Quentin Tarantino, HOSTEL is a mixture of many of the most terrifying things about human nature and the world at large, culled from many impossible-but-true stories of human trafficking, international organized crime, and sex tourism.

Relentlessly graphic and deeply disturbing, the film is sure to shock even the most hardcore horror genre fans. HOSTEL tells the story of two American college buddies Paxton and Josh who backpack through Europe eager to make hazy travel memories with new friend Oli, an Icelander they’ve met along the way. Paxton, Josh, and Oli are eventually lured by a fellow traveler to what’s described as a nirvana for American backpackers – a particular hostel in an out-of-the-way Slovakian town stocked with Eastern European women as desperate as they are gorgeous. The two friends arrive and soon easily pair off with exotic beauties Natalya and Svetlana. In fact, too easily… Initially distracted by the good time they’re having, the two friends quickly find themselves trapped in an increasingly sinister situation that they will discover is as wide and as deep as the darkest, sickest recess of human nature itself – if they survive.