New Reviews: ‘Green River Killer’ & ‘Trouble’

Today we’ve added a duo of new reviews for you to check out on this brutal and boring week of news. The first is for Lionsgate’s upcoming DVD release of The Green River Killer, which our reviewer said is “terrible”, click the title to see why. The film recounts, in an episodic fashion, the serial killer career of Gary Ridgway. Also added today is a review for the French film Trouble. Having grown up in an orphanage, Mathias is shocked to discover that his mother has only recently died and that he has a twin brother, Thomas. He also learns that he and his twin brother were together until the age of six when Mathias was placed in the orphanage but Mathias has no recollection of this early period of his life. As he spends time with his new-found sibling, Mathias becomes more and more troubled and some of his memories are coming back to him.

Source: BD Reviews