Lois Lane Joins New Line’s ‘Butterfly Effect 2′

Foxy “Smallville” reporter-in-waiting Erica Durance is flying to film, according to Moviehole.net. Durance, who plays feisty Lois Lane on the brothers Warner series, will star in New Line’s The Butterfly Effect 2. Being directed by John Leonetti, the story will follow a new character who, like Kutcher in the first, finds he can travel through time. As he changes past events, though, they have unexpected consequences in the present. Read on for the news…
Moviehole reports:

“Casting agents Coreen Mayrs and Heike Brandstatter saw several actresses for the role of Julie in the film, but ultimately went with Durance for the main female role. The main roles will be filled by Canadians”, tells Steph, who went for the same role in the film.

She adds, “the production is looking for the biggest names they can get. She has the pull with the Smallville fans so I’m not surprised [she got it over me]. I imagine they’ll get a reasonable sort of name for the lead male too. Durance, as far as I could tell, was one of the most familiar faces who tested – the rest were essentially unknowns. I love her though – she’ll do a good job. It’s a juicy part – and nothing to do with the first film”.

Durance, and an as-yet-unannounced male lead, will be required on the film’s Vancouver set “from Jan 9 to Feb 7 ’06”, we’re informed.

Source: Moviehole