‘Silent Hill’ Movie Rumors Finally True?

StefanM writes in that according to Gamers.com, it looks as if a Silent Hill movie might really happen! After all of the rumors we reported and got blasted for last year (damn good learning experience), reports say that the director of Brotherhood of the Wolf will be attached to direct. Read on for the goods…
Ganmers reports, “Silent Hill is on its way to the silver screen, publisher Konami announced today. Producer Samuel Hadida and Davis Films have picked up the rights to the popular horror adventure series and signed director Christophe Gans, of Brotherhood of the Wolf and Crying Freeman. The film is due for worldwide release in 2005.”

Silent Hill is a groundbreaking game with an atmosphere that has mesmerized millions of gamers all over the world – it is scary and clever,” said Gans. “I am very proud to be associated with this game.”

“Though the announcement omits any mention of other specific budget or staff details, Konami staff will apparently be involved in the film’s production. Konami staff will oversee script development, assist with the design of the film’s human and monstrous cast, and collaborate on soundtrack composition.”

“Konami’s announcement also mentions that it is pursuing film deals for other videogame franchises, which naturally gives rise to speculation regarding many different possible projects. We’ll keep an eye out for news of such in the near future.”

Source: Gamers.com, Stefan