Weekend Freeze: Double Dose of Horror and a Rematch

While King Kong (review #1, #2) and Narnia continue to trade blows at the box office, three other movies are entering the ring in an attempt to steal a nice chunk of box office profits. Lionsgate’s heavily marketed horror pic Hostel (review #1, #2) opens in 2,195 theaters and should pull in a nice amount of cash this weekend from genre fans who are sick of the holiday crap filling theaters. Another option outside of the box is Romar Entertainment’s release of Uwe Boll’s BloodRayne (review), which will open in 1,951 theaters. Lastly is Happy Madison’s Grandma’s Boy, which opens 2,015 theaters with very little advertising behind its release. We think Narnia will prevail once again, the Christian community is carrying this film single handedly.