Squashing the ‘Halloween’ Remake Rumor

Moviehole put a the major smackdown today on the news posted by Creature-Corner last week about a possible Halloween remake, “The last week or so there?s been a god awful rumour floating about that Dimension are preparing to remake the first Halloween, in turn starting the series from scratch re-introducing [not to mention re-casting] the characters of Dr Loomis, Laurie Strode and of course, Michael Myers. Moviehole heard from one of the studio?s decision makers today who says that there?s no such plan. “There are no plans to remake Halloween that rumour was incorrect,” he tells. Instead, the studio is pushing forward with the latest “Halloween” instalment, possibly ? and you can vote on the idea over at Halloweenmovies.com ? Michael vs. Pinhead. Michael won?t be back on screen for quite a while we?re told, but when he does, it?ll be in the form of some sort of sequel not a remake.”

Source: Moviehole