Uwe Boll Approached for ‘Metal Gear Solid’ + more!

B-D reporter Hunter Daniels was on location with Spooky Dan at the Red Carpet Premiere for Romar Entertainment’s BloodRayne (review), which is now in theaters everywhere. At the event Hunter grabbed director Uwe Boll for a mini interview about his film, which will find its way online later tonight. In the interview Uwe broke the news to B-D that he may direct a feature film adaptation of the popular video game Metal Gear Solid, and also told us that In the Name of the King (Dungeon Siege) will be released as one single movie, and not split in two like originally rumored. You can find all of the details inside…
Below you’ll find a portion of the interview, which will appear online later tonight:

Hunter Daniels : In the Name of the King, is that still being planned as a 2 film release?

Dr. Boll: no, we do a movie for theaters, and then we had a longer one for DVD. Like, we have a theater version that is 150 minutes and a 190 minute DVD.

Hunter Daniels : So it is definitely not two parts as you had earlier said?

Dr. Boll No, we saw that it was too long to release as one film in theaters…but this is a good movie. I think that Bloodrayne is a good genre movie. It’s fast it’s bloody it’s gory it moves forward but its not…like…great in a way. Dungeon Siege gets you. Its emotional, the story is good, the characters are good…it really gets you. It’s over 2

Source: Hunter Daniels