UPDATED: Fan Witnesses ‘Hostel’s’ True Power?

B-D reader Withdecay sent in a really interesting e-mail, which obviously we cannot verify as true- but what if? He writes, “A gag, or the real deal? I went to the 7:00pm showing of Lionsgate’s Hostel at The Breeze in Gulf Breeze, FL. During the movie a man about 35 years old passed out and fell down the stadium stairs from passing out due to the movie being so graphic. The movie was stopped for about 20 minutes while the paramedics had to take him out in a stretcher.” In addition, we received another report verifying this account! Read on for the details. Eli Roth’s ‘Hostel’ is now in theaters everywhere…
Brittany writes in:

I am from the Gulf Breeze Florida area. I also attended the viewing of Hostel at the Breeze Cinema in which the man fell down. It was right after the part with the guys achilles tendon he stood up and fainted down the stairs. He was what most would call a “man’s man”. He was about 6′ tall and about 200 lbs. He looked sort of like Mr. Clean. I felt a little torn as to whether I should stand up and help the guy or continue watching this gem of a movie!!!! But luckily management stepped in. They cut the movie off for 20 minutes and gave us all free passes for the inconvienence. Mr. Clean was taken out of the theater by paramedics on a stretcher! I was very impressed with the movie and that man falling down just added to the intensity!!!!!! Keep up the good work! I love this site!!!!

Thanks Brittany!

Source: Withdecay, Brittany