Gris Grimly Has a ‘Riot’ with Stop-Motion!

I’m sure most of you know about the popular artist Gris Grimly (and if you don’t you must click here), and that he is currently in production of his short film entitled Cannibal Corpse Riot, which will be available sometime in 2006. Today we were supplied with a few pics from the set of the shoot, which features miniatures of his characters being shot in stop motion!! Read on and enjoy. The story follows two grave-robbing ghouls who do nasty things with the corpses they unsoil. I’m sold. My only question is, when are the studios going to option this ‘mad creator’s’ work for film?!

If you check out the official website you can watch the teaser trailer and early trailer for the short film, and read all about it.

Source: Gris Grimly