‘Lost Boys 2’ = No Girls Allowed

Who would have thought that horror would have been revived in the year 2003? I thought after the Scream era, it was all going downhill. But thanks to guts by studios like New Line and brave individuals like Eli Roth, horror is rejuvenating in a big way. The trick? If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, do it the way it worked back in the day! Studios are working hard to get horror movies back into theaters; they are even trying to get movies like Leprechaun 6 in theaters. Anyways, enough ramblings, next stop, Lost Boys 2
Dark Horizons reported on Lost Boys 2, “A few more rumblings from within Warners today from another top source (this one to remain anonymous) – this time in regards to a sequel to one of the best vampire movies of the 80’s – “You wouldn’t believe how many times this has been off and on the books. When I first got my shoe-in at the studio, it was a go picture. Then, someone got wind of just how crappy the screenplay was. Anyway, Joel Schumacher is back in the good books with Warner, he is apparently retooling his Batman movies for a SE dvd set, and while there has been planning it and has signed on to executive producer the Lost Boys sequel. Once again, Lions Gate’s Cabin Fever and New Line’s Freddy vs Jason can be thanked – or blamed – for this. Horror is the No.1 priority on all the studio’s list. They wanted Schumacher to direct, but he’s not interested. This isn’t the Lost Girls idea (thank god) that was going around, a straight sequel to that first one. Kiefer Lives or something…ha.”

Source: Dark Horizons