The Trailer Park: Reggie Bannister’s ‘Interstate’

Today we got first details on Reggie Bannister’s newest pic Interstate, which was written and directed by Marc A.Samson. Not only were we informed that the trailer can be found online by clicking here, but we were provided with two pics form the film, which can be foudn inside. A Montreal DJ and his girlfriend decide to drive cross country to Los Angeles. Their car breaks down and they make their way to a bus station. With only enough money for 1 ticket the DJ decides to buy his girl a ticket to Southern Cal. and tells her he’ll meet her there by hitchinking his way down. He gets picked up by a stranger with a deadly past. Along the way he also meets a couple of hitchhiking girls, Veronica and Gloria. The journey takes a strange turn when Edgar involuntarily ingests drugs and becomes stranded with the girls. From there on it’s all downhill! Revelations are made and Veronica uncovers Edgar’s dark secret. Thriller Noir at its best!…

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