Lionsgate Calls for More to Enter the ‘Hostel’

After an opening weekend proving the multiplex is anything but a hostile environment, Screen Gems and Lionsgate are already planning a sequel to Hostel, with writer-director Eli Roth in talks to return and steer the second installment, which is intended to be released next year, according to Variety. ‘Hostel’ is a mixture of many of the most terrifying things about human nature and the world at large, culled from many impossible-but-true stories of human trafficking, international organized crime, and sex tourism. Read on for the skinny…
It’s time to get back to the chopping board. Variety reports:

Sadist-loving horror film bowed No. 1 at the box office, taking in $20.1 million.

Lionsgate and Screen Gems intend to release the sequel in a year, mimicking Lionsgate’s successful quick turnaround of “Saw” and “Saw II.”

Lionsgate and Screen Gems will have the same partnership arrangement as on the first “Hostel,” whereby Screen Gems will make the movie, while Lionsgate will release it in the U.S.

Screen Gems will retain international theatrical rights, as well as all homevid rights. The two partners will share in the profits after taking their respective distrib fees.

Next Entertainment’s Mike Fleiss and Chris Briggs, who originally brought “Hostel” to Screen Gems and were producers on the film, are in talks to produce the sequel as well.

It’s not clear whether “Hostel” exec producer Quentin Tarantino will be back.

Source: Variety