Bob Clark Talks ‘Black X-mas’, ‘Dead Things’ Remakes

This past weekend B-D reporter Elaine Lamkin held an exclusive one-on-one interview with the legendary Bob Clark, who directed such classic horror films as Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things and Black Christmas, which are both currently in the process of being remade. Inside you’ll find a teaser of the interview, which features some updates on his own remake of Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things and Dimension Films’ Black Christmas remake…
While talking with the mad genius himself, Bob tells us a little about how he cmae up with the original Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things, “I was working with some folks at The Quadrant Company and we all decided we wanted to make a “classy” horror movie. Roy Moore wrote that amazing script and once Olivia (Hussey) was cast, everything just fell into place. And that house, which was just behind the University of Toronto, where we shot, was so perfect! We didn’t have to build or redesign anything, from the attic to the main floor and that incredible staircase.” He continues, “And we had such a great cast, from Olivia, Keir Dullea and Margot Kidder to John Saxon and the wonderful Marian Waldman who played Mrs. Mac. I really feel “Black Christmas” has held up beautifully – especially as the look of that era seems to be coming back into vogue.

When asked about doing the remake of “Children” himself he explained, “I always said if I ever remade one of my movies, it would be “Children”. The story will be updated to a film company instead of a theater company going to this island where years before, a man named Mason Ghoul throws a huge party and then murders all of the party-goers, burying them on the island. We are going to start shooting in April or May of this year in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island and so far, Adam Beach from “Windtalkers” and “Joe Dirt” has been cast. The movie will be a lot of fun – sort of like Monty Python making a horror movie.

And what about James Wong and Glen Morgan remaking “Black Christmas”? Has he had any in-put into the remake? “I have no problems at all with them remaking the film. I know their work from “The X Files” and, while you would need to ask James for the specifics, it is my understanding the story will be basically the same except they will get more into Billy and who he is and why he does what he does.

Watch for the full interview later this week.