Kitt Gets Down and Dirty with Eli Roth on ‘Hostel’

Inside you’ll find our extra special piece on Lionsgate’s Hostel, which was number one at the box office this past weekend. Hollywood reporter Kitt Pomidoro talked with writer/director Eli Roth about how the film came to be, how Quentin Tarantino got involved and why it’s so freakin’ brutal. A sequel to the film is already in the works. Read on and enjoy!
Eli Roth talks Hostel
By: Kitt Pomidoro

Nightmares and loss of appetite are just a couple of the side affects from the movie “Hostel”, after seeing the movie weeks ago, I personally am still having trouble sleeping. Written and directed by Eli Roth, Hostel (in theatres now) in the beginning seems like harmless fun—with two buddies Paxton (Jay Hernandez) and Josh (Derek Richardson) backpacking their way through Europe in hopes of nailing hot chicks—Nailed they get!

As I sit down with Eli Roth I can’t help but wonder how such a normal looking guy came up with such a deliciously sick script. In a late night conversation with Harry Knowles is how Hostel was born. “We were talking about the sickest thing you could possibly find on the internet,” Roth said. He sent me a link to a site where you could go to Thailand and for $10,000, walk into a room and shoot someone in the head.” Roth continues,” and the site claimed that the person you were killing had signed up for it and that part of the money would go to their family. Roth goes onto say, “we thought, how could this possibly be real? And then we thought you know what? It doesn’t matter. Whether this place exists or not is not the point, the point is that somebody built a website about it. Somebody else thought it up, realized, and conceptualized, that there’s some guy out there, that’s so bored with money and drugs…. They can’t get off from going to a hooker or strip club or doing drugs. They’re looking for that next level of thrill, and that I said was real, I know people like that.”

The ball really got rolling after Roth went to friend Quentin Tarantino (executive producer) with his thoughts. “I told him the idea for ‘Hostel’ and he was like ‘are you ****ing kidding me? That’s the sickest ****ing idea I have ever heard, “He’s like Eli you’ve got to do that. Do it with Raw Nerve, do it for like 3 million bucks, just go to Europe and make it as sick as you want to make it. Make it ****ing balls out.” Roth recalled

Roth did just that and with Jay Hernandez as his lead,” Jay Hernandez, I think, is really underrated,” Roth says. He’s just somebody who throws himself in the role and what I also loved about Jay was I really felt like he was willing to make himself vulnerable.” said Roth.
Hernandez on the lead role,” It’s a lot of work, dude, but it’s cool.” He went on to discuss his torture scene. “After the torture scene, I was glad it was done, that I got out of it; I felt like I had been tortured.”

With Europe as the backdrop, Jay Hernandez as the lead, hot chicks in the buff, Eli Roth and his sick mind—Hostel is pretty bloody. Go ahead laugh at the bloody torture scenes, but when it comes down to it this is one of the most realistic horror films to date! I see a classic American horror movie in the making.