18 New ‘Final Destination’ Images Tease Death

Let the onslaught of Final Destination 3 news begin! Starting last night you’ve already seen a few cool things related to New Line Cinema’s third Destination, and the news just keps on coming in, with more coming tomorrow. Inside you’ll find 18 new images from James Wong’s film, with some being very important to the plot of the film. Thanks to B-D reader afireinside27 for pointing them out to me, read on and enjoy! Don’t forget the website for the film officially launches tomorrow, but it’s already up and working quite a bit tonight…

Some pics (labeled) courtesy of the official Alexz Johnson website, while the other half come courtesy of B-D reader imbored3898. Head to our FD3 database to see all 18 new pics:

Source: Alexz Johnson website, afireinside27, imbored3898