Bruce Campbell Finally Opens Up

Interesting enough, some rumors that seemed beyond ridiculous are actually beginning to take form! Everyone who knows Bruce Campbell knows that when it comes to Ash, it’s always full denial, no hints, nothing, just a plain “no” for most. That’s what makes this news reports so interesting, Bruce talking about New Line, Ash, Freddy and Jason? No Way!?…
While talking to The Seattle Times, Bruce Campbell was quoted as saying, “Some executives at New Line are getting (excited) for that idea, which makes a lot of sense,” Campbell told the paper. “But Ash has not been contacted to see what his franchise rate is. Funny thing is, it’s actually a really cool idea, as long as there could be a satisfying end to that particular movie. There’d be no point for Ash to participate unless he could kick some major franchise ass.” Want more? Then follow the link for some Bubba Ho-Tep sequel talk!

Source: The Seattle Times