Two New Reviews: ‘The Dawn’ and ‘DinoCroc’

The first of two reviews added today is for Maverick’s DVD release of The Dawn, which streets on February 14th. A group of students singed up for a college credit course about indigineous cultures at a rural retreat. But, when darkness falls, the students find out that the curriculum also included their bloody deaths. Terror begins when darkness reigns and survival depends on staying alive until……The Dawn. Also added is a review for Roger Corman’s DinoCroc, which is now available on DVD. When Gereco Corporation starts playing around with a hormone that makes things grow at a feverish speed, their experiments take a disastrous turn and a half-dinosaur/half-crocodile creature is let on the loose. As they are terrorized by the creature and its huge appetite for human flesh, the poor people of Grant’s Lake have no choice but to depend for survival on a crocodile hunter, the local sheriff, and his family.

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