Holy Crap Would This ‘Scenario’ Suck!!!

We haven’t been covering Gorehound Films’ zombie flick Worst Case Scenario all that much, but that’s going to change as of today. This morning over at the official website they’ve posted a promo clip along with a CGI promo in HD- I have been completely blown away by the clip. I am officially freaking out over Richard Raaphorst’s zombie pic. The original screenplay of this horrormovie centers on the common friction between neighboring countries. It’s a global phenomenon, and even in peaceful Western Europe you will find old grudges. If you dig deep enough. In the final of the World Championship soccer games Holland and Germany are going to war. A visiting American and his family try to get away from the nationwide frenzy, but traveling to a North Sea island they wind up in situations far, far worse.

Source: Official website