‘Friday the 13th’ Box-Set News and More!

BLOODY-DISGUSTING EXCLUSIVE Thank Peter H., who attended Maniafest, for the following scoop that you are about to freak out over! This news is for die-hard Friday the 13th fans only. Inside is a projected release time for the box-set, which is official, news on a possibly Crystal Lake TV series, and confirmation on a Friday 4 uncut version! Read on for all the goodies…
BLOODY-DISGUSTING EXCLUSIVEPeter H. writes in, “I just got back from Maniafest in LA, where I saw a new 35mm print of Friday the 13th. It was said that there would be a special anouncement regarding the future of the franchise, and sure enough a rep from Paramount told the audience that a box-set is in the works for late next year. He was very vague about the details, but assured us that unrated versions of the eight films were a possibility. He then asked the very sparse audience if they were in possesion of any lost scenes to contact him. That should give you an idea of how far we have to go. Audio commentaries were also a possibility, depending on the availability of the talent.

Also of interest was Sean Cunningham speaking of a possible TV series revolving teens at Camp Crystal Lake. I gathered that it would be a pre-series set time frame, but he was short on details (as usual).

Later Joseph Zito took the stage and spoke about lost scenes for Friday 4. He assured us that they do exist, and it was possible to confirm a new negative.

That’s about it. Hope this is of interest…

Thanks Peter, that is some awesome news that we hope to get some better details on in the near future.