More Dead Trey on the DVD?

One of our members, Freddy_Krueger2003, did a little research and came across one of the deleted scenes you’ll see on the Freddy vs Jason (review) DVD! Read on for the skinny…
Here’s a protion of DVD Fanatics interview:

Sean: Is there anything extra we should be expected for the DVD? Any deleted scenes?

Ronny: We cut a lot of story points that was already told in the script. The test screen audience reported that they got too much back story and redundant information. We’re glad we got rid of it. There was one scene that I was disappointed that we couldn’t put it on the screen. A CGI effect that just wasn’t perfect enough. People will see on the DVD why it wasn’t in there, and hopefully they’ll agree with me.

What was involved in this cut scene?

[SPOILER ALERT!!!] In the bedroom. When the girl goes in this first time, she thought the boyfriend Trey was dead. He’s all broken up in the bed. But his movement, he’s kind of like a beast, dangling around. Visually, I thought it was going to be excited but the CGI made it too cartoon-ish.

Source: DVD Fanatic, Freddy_Krueger2003