Who’s Going to Win the Biggest Match-Up EVER?

Who’s going to win seems to be the major dilemma surrounding the talks between owners of the Evil Dead, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street franchises. Inside is one of two astounding scoops since Friday; reports are flowing in that talks are in extreme heat, and that this insane Ash vs Freddy vs Jason could actually happen!
In addition to our other news post from Friday here, Aint it Cool News received the following scoop, “This morning Gustav and Daria, two local Portland radio mini-celebs, interviewed the King- Bruce-I’m cooler-than-Colin-Farrell Campbell- on the opening/ short run of Bubba-Ho-Tep at Cinema 21.”

“Daria began her last question with the warning to Bruce that he wouldn’t like what she was about to ask, then preceded to tell him she’d interviewed Robert Englund a couple of weeks ago and he said a Freddy/ Jason/ Ash crossover was in negotiations and if Bruce could confirm that rumour.”

“Bruce answered that “Robert was a pretty smart and perceptive guy” and that negotiations were underway by guys in suits at the studios. Basically the fight is over whose franchise would come out on top in the potential crossover…”

Very interesting, Bruce Campbell himself talking about this once considered rumor, he NEVER admits to anything! If things are getting this thick already, I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear some sort of official announcement sometime in the near future, I don’t think fans will be willing to wait another decade…

Source: Aint it Cool News