‘The Omen’ Gets Reinvented, Gains “Context”

We’re all still sitting in anticipation to see what 20th Century Fox does with their Omen remake The Omen 666, which stars Julia Stiles, Liev Schreiber, Mia Farrow, David Thewlis, Pete Postlethwaite, Michael Gambon and Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick. The teaser trailer just didn’t do it for some, while others were screaming in excitement. But we really know nothing other than it will be a remake, and it will hit theaters on 6/6/06. Inside you’ll finally get some more goods on the film, which takes the tale of the coming of the antichrist – personified as a young boy named Damien – to an even more thrilling and visceral level…
It sounds like there’s been a lot of “reinventing”, I like the original and I think maybe the new film could actually use a little sweetening. Here’s some clips from the Sci-Fi Wire article:

“John Moore, director of the upcoming supernatural remake The Omen 666, told SCI FI Wire to expect nods to the original 1976 movie The Omen, on which it is based. That includes (spoiler ahead!) a scene in which the nanny of little Damien jumps off the roof and hangs herself to the shock of parents and children gathered for the boy’s birthday party, a scene that was screened for enthusiastic fans at WonderCon in San Francisco on Feb. 11.

Moore chose a few select scenes to redo. “The very famous decapitation scene, we reinvented that,” he said. The scene in which the mother, played by Lee Remick, falls out of a hospital window onto an ambulance below? “We reinvented that,” Moore added. “So I think we reinvented two out of the big five. But the other three, I just thought, ‘Look, let’s just do these as well as we can. Because we’ve got some new technologies. Obviously with the hanging, there’s some wire-removal issues, so we can make it slightly better. But I think being faithful to … the idea was more important than showing off, ‘Well, look how cool we reinvented this.'”

He continues to talk about the changes with the crowd, “We added one simple thing, which was context. There’s a new scene in the movie, which basically tees it up. There’s a scene in the Vatican, where a cardinal makes a presentation to the Council of Cardinals and shows things—everything from 9/11 to [the] tsunami to Hurricane Katrina—and says, ‘Look, the time is ripe. This guy’s going to turn up.’ … We’ve given it enough flavor to … permeate through the film.”

Source: Sci-Fi Wire