Exclusive Look: ‘Stay Alive’ Poster, Movie Footage

Besides having an exclusive look at the poster for Hollywood Pictures’ Stay Alive, we’ve got the skinny on a scene from the film, which stars Jon Foster, Samaire Armstrong, Sophia Bush, Frankie Muniz, Jimmi Simpson and Adam Goldberg! Read on for the poster and the story. Hitting theaters March 24th, the pic is about a group of New Orleans teens who play an online horror videogame; as their characters die in the game, the players die also…
When I checked my mail this morning I received a DVD for Brent Bell’s ‘Stay Alive’. At first I figured it was just the usual press-kit, but figured why not pop it in and see what’s on it? To my surprise it was a DVD with a clip from the film, which looked really f’n cool!

Basically it was a scene of one of the characters from the film walking through a creepy old haunted house. We follow him through this house as we see ghosts appear in mirrors, girls climbing on walls and other apparitions flashing across the screen. Then a demon appears and laughs while they tease us with the tagline “If you die in the game, you die for real”. Our main character in this scene begins to run and ends up in a room filled with chains that carry hanging corpses and other fun stuff. The character we’ve been following freaks and falls back, he gets caught up in some chains from the ceiling and hangs himself. I guess he’s dead for real. So the real question is, Can You Stay Alive? Check out the poster below:

Can You Stay Alive?

Source: Official website, Bloody-Disgusting