Thomas Jane Turning Red and Seeking ‘Evil’?

The other day CHUD has a chance to speak with Running Scared director Wayne Kramer about some of his upcoming projects in which he scored some really interesting news. Check this one out, Thomas Jane (The Punisher) is interested in starring in his film Evil Seek – as Satan! Read on for the skinny…
Kramer tells CHUD:

“[The film] is a supernatural thriller, and it’s about how every thousand years in Hell they elect a new Satan, and the reigning Satan has to take on the body of a mortal and find his successor, the most evil person alive. He takes over the body of an FBI profiler on a terrible serial killing case in LA. He’s inherited a 13 year old daughter and an ex-wife, and he’s kind of the moral center in a messed up world.”

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Source: CHUD